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Mosmuur specialises in unique creations made with mosses and natural materials. The team combines knowledge and passion for nature, botany, ecology and art, resulting in exceptional projects. They offer 6 maintenance-free moss wall types, all built from a combination of reindeer moss or lichen, ball moss, rag moss and stabilised plants. On request, a Mosmuur project employee will visit your site to look at the ideal dimensions to achieve maximum effect. If desired, photo simulations can be made to give you a good idea of the final result and your budget in advance.

The moss is mounted with a high density to guarantee a natural look. Because of the traditional and local production, the finishing and quality of the walls is the highest on the market. The moss walls are basically maintenance-free and designed to last for years. The moss wall also does not need to be sprayed or cleaned. In addition, the walls retain their colour for a long time, thanks to their bio-polymer coating. A project staff member will guide and advise you on the suitable location for your moss wall.

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